BBC The Hour Episode 2

Last night I watched the second episode of BBC 2’s new six-part drama, The Hour. For those who don’t know, the drama it set in the BBC during the 1950s, as a team put together a new news programme, called ‘The Hour’. In amongst the behind-the-scenes chaos, are journalist Freddie’s (Ben Whishaw) growing investigations into two mysterious deaths, which he is determined to solve.

It also stars Romola Garai as the show’s producer, Bel Rowley and Dominic West and the charming and charismatic front man of the show, Hector Madden. The trio of Whishaw, Garai and West makes for good chemistry between the leads and the growing tension between them (particularly the sexual tension between independent Bel and debonair Hector) is great to watch.


Admittedly, the first episode which aired last week felt a little muddled, but I think that this was understandable as the script had to establish the plot, introduce the characters, the links between them, and on top of that, there were two murders, one taking place within the first ten minutes of the episode.

So, this week, it felt like this drama had found its sea-legs and the plot flowed far more smoothly. There were some critics last week who felt that the plot about the workings of a news programme was enough without the murder conspiracy as well, but I feel that as long as the murder plot doesn’t completely take over, then I think both threads of the story should be able to work well together. I think it’s all about getting the balance right.

Something I find very interesting is that the murderer, Thomas Kish (Burn Gorman) is now working in the same office as Freddie, as Freddie is trying to find out who-dunnit and why! So as Freddie digs deeper into the apparent conspiracy, he is so far oblivious to the fact that the murderer is right in front of his nose and is catching on to Freddie’s intentions. Therefore I find myself urging Freddie to solve the mystery quickly before he himself is bumped off for knowing too much. However, at the end of the episode, Freddie was given a film tape by the father of the girl, Ruth, who was the second murder victim, which showed Kish apparently on holiday with Ruth. So hopefully Freddie will now at least suspect Kish and keep the nature of his investigations quiet.

I think that this drama is well acted, the costumes are gorgeous (especially those worn by Garai) and I love the nostalgic feel to it. I just hope that this drama will keep going on a high, as I really look forward to seeing how the plot thickens and unfolds…


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