BBC The Hour Episode 4

Just when I thought the apparent conspiracy in The Hour couldn’t get any more convoluted, I was proved wrong in last night’s episode…

Ok, so last night saw Freddie continuing his investigations into the deaths of Ruth Elms and Peter Darrell, as he attempts to recover from the shock of Thomas Kish’s sudden death in last week’s episode. He went to visit Mrs Kish to apparently offer his condolences but in true Freddie style, he used the opportunity to interrogate the grieving widow. Fantastic timing of course, but then again Freddie was never known for his tact. He told her: “I’m not here to hurt you, I’m from the BBC.” As if that would console her! Although Mrs Kish was very reluctant to divulge any information, Freddie managed to worm out of her that Peter Darrell apparently betrayed Thomas Kish and Kish then tried to cut Peter out of his life. Mrs Kish also confessed that she suspected Thomas of killing Peter, and that he probably killed Ruth too. She then told Freddie to keep Kish’s raincoat, as he would obviously no longer need it. Am I the only one who thought it was rather creepy seeing Freddie walking round in a dead man’s coat? No? Just me?

Anyway, when Freddie left the Kish household, he noticed that he was being followed (very un-subtly I might add) and it seems “They” were the ones following him. He confronted Clarence about it and told him all about his investigation (probably a stupid idea) and Clarence burnt the square of perforated paper which had revealed the clues in the crossword and told Freddie to forget all about it, especially as MI6  had called into the office more than once to question Freddie. Freddie, however, had been AWOL at the time – not eating, sleeping or shaving and missing all his work deadlines. I’m not sure which side Clarence is on: he seemed to be supporting Freddie, but he was later seen talking secretly with Angus McCain who is decidedly shifty. And has weird glasses.

Freddie, who apparently doesn’t bother going to work at all anymore, also paid a call to Ruth Elms’s mother who, just like Mrs Kish, was every keen to avoid giving away any information. Poor Freddie, no one wants to make his job easy do they? I just hope that Freddie’s determination to play Avenging Angel doesn’t just lead him to his maker.

As things became more tense back in the studio with regards to Egypt and Hungary, it transpired that Kish had been trying to sniff out a Soviet agent, and had suspected Freddie. Personally, I think that was an excuse – I think the ‘conspiracy’ runs deeper than that as surely Ruth Elms had nothing to do with  Soviets?! I could be wrong, of course.

Elsewhere, Bel and Hector’s affair continued to flourish, with the pair of them becoming more and more reckless about where they embraced. Hector managed to get out of an evening with his ever-smiling wife, Marnie, by claiming to have work at the office he needed to finish. It was a plausible lie until he forgot to take his briefcase with him, leading his wife to guess where he was really going. Her suspicion was confirmed later on when we were shown a sex scene which only just managed to escape my mother’s normally infallible sex-on-screen radar – she always seems to sense when there’s a sex/ heavy making out scene in a film or TV show I’m watching and invariably chooses that moment to walk in the room and stand there making disapproving noises and comments. Highly awkward.

It was also Freddie’s birthday and after a rather drunken night at a local club, he and Lix (!!!) ended up in a passionate clinch back in the office. I rather doubt that that liaison will last long, especially as Freddie is so obviously in love with Bel and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before she realises that she loves him too. There were a few sweet moments between Bel and Freddie in this week’s episode. Firstly, Bel showed a maternal/sisterly concern for Freddie’s wellbeing when he finally turned up for work, telling him to go home and sleep. Later on, he showed a similar protective affection for her, as he asked (of Hector), “is he nice to you?” Still, it was clear that he was hurt when he found out about the affair, but bottled up his own feelings so that only we, the viewers, could see them.

The big question we were left with at the end of this episode was: what is the significance of the large blue urn, which is seen in the video of Kish, Ruth and Darrell? Dun, dun DUN! Oh, and who is Brightstone? Seeing as we still don’t know…

Predictions for next week:

  • Marnie confronts Bel about the affair, which begins to crumble or completely disintegrates.
  • Freddie solves the mystery of The Blue Urn.

Predictions for the end of the series:

  • Bel and Hector break up. He goes back to his wife and she realises it was Freddie she loved all along.
  • Freddie nearly dies as the conspiracy comes to a climax – I really hope that Freddie doesn’t have to die before Bel realises her feelings for his, as that would be a miserable ending. I hate miserable endings.
  • Isaac and the little secretary get together.
  • Lots of other political stuff happens 🙂

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