BBC Land Girls, series 3, episode 1

Wow, my third review today! I must be on a roll…or else merely procrastinating…more likely the latter…

Anyway, a new series of BBC1’s daytime drama Land Girls aired today, picking up quickly from where the previous series ended. A brief re-cap of what happened at the end of the last series (from what I can remember):

  • Billy Finch went off to war, leaving Bea and baby William at the farm.
  • Connie and vicar Henry got engaged.
  • Joyce found out that her husband was M.I.A.

So in the meantime between the last series and this one, Bea moved to Leicester to live with sister Annie and new girl Iris joined the land girls.

At the beginning of the episode a hospital was bombed and the casualties were taken to Hoxley Manor which had just been converted to a hospital. One of the air raid victims was a land girl working on Vernon Storey’s farm, who had been billeted to the area on the same day as Iris. The three girls, Joyce, Iris and Connie helped to tend the casualties.

The post arriving revealed three different things: first, that Joyce’s husband John was alive, secondly, a former boyfriend of Connie’s was trying to make contact and thirdly that Iris couldn’t read. New farm-hand Frank Tucker (brother of infamous Dennis Tucker) promised to help teach Iris to read and gave her an orphaned lamb to hand rear.

Connie wasn’t the only one with an old flame coming back into her life: it seems that Lady Hoxley, and the new doctor of Hoxley Manor hospital had a history together. I expect we’ll find out more about that further into the series… Lady Hoxley decided to host a party for the villagers and wounded soldiers in honour of Connie and Henry’s engagement. (I must just add here that the fact that the actor playing Henry had changed threw me for a moment, but I’m sure Gwilym Lee will do a good enough job as Henry, even if the lack of continuity is a shame.) At the party Connie, of course, got up onstage to sing and spotted her ex-boyfriend watching. He ran away before she could confront him, but she later found him in her bedroom. They agreed to meet the next day to talk, and I can’t help feeling that blackmail is on the cards and that Connie’s relationship with Henry will be thrown into jeopardy. We shall see…

After a row with Martin over alcohol, Esther was sick, something that didn’t go unnoticed by nosey Mrs Gulliver. It looks as if Esther has a bun in the oven, as a result of her one night stand with slimy Vernon Storey. Ooops!

Finally, Joyce’s husband was transferred to Hoxley Manor hospital, and against the doctor’s orders, she burst into the ward looking for him. However, she was in for a nasty shock when she reached his bedside and he claimed that he didn’t know who she was. Poor Joyce – let’s hope John’s memory loss is only temporary.

I’m glad that the BBC decided to re-commission Land Girls, as I have really enjoyed watching it the last couple of years. I wish that Bea and Billy would come back into it, but I’m looking forward to seeing how the current storylines play out.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rissi
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 04:42:47

    This is such a sweet show. 🙂


  2. donna
    Oct 28, 2012 @ 15:23:08

    I really enjoy Land Girls hope it returns


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