BBC Land Girls, series 3, episode 2

Another great episode of BBC1’s daytime drama, Land Girls, aired yesterday. So what happened?

The episode was centred around a village fête, with a local dignitary coming to give Joyce her stripes for two years of service in the Women’s Land Army. Joyce was allowed to bring John to the fête, and was overjoyed when he claimed to remember details, such as her favourite colour and the date of their wedding. However, Joyce’s happiness was short-lived as she discovered later that Connie had told him in advance what to say in order for Joyce to think that his memory was returning, but John shouted, “I don’t know who I am anymore!” I really feel sorry for Joyce – having spent the last two series being faithful to John and worrying about him, it must have come like a slap in the face to find that, despite being alive and safe, he had no recollection of her existence at all.

Meanwhile, poor Connie had to cope with her ex-boyfriend, Danny, showing up again. It turns out that Connie was previously engaged to him but ‘did a runner’. Connie told him that this time, with Henry, was ‘for real’, but Danny seemed less than convinced and I reckon he’ll be back to make trouble before long and that his stolen kiss from Connie won’t be the last…

At the beginning of the episode, Iris was injured whilst working on Vernon Storey’s farm, when part of the threshing machine collapsed and she fell. In protest at Storey’s careless attitude to his workers and machinery, Connie proposed a farmers vs. land girls ploughing contest at the fête. Iris was chosen to compete against Storey’s nasty son, Walter, and promptly ran away in fright. Frank Tucker found her in the barn with her pet lamb, and persuaded her to return, which she did. Inspired by Frank’s faith in her, Iris won the contest. Later, a drunk Walter Storey tried to kiss Iris, accusing her of saving herself for Frank. I’m not entirely sure what Frank’s intentions towards Iris are: is he just looking out for her as a friend or it something more?

Finally, Dr. Channing came into Lady Hoxley’s sitting room for a nightcap and they discussed that fact that years ago, Ellen chose Laurence over him. Dr. Channing kissed her, but then hastily left the room. Perhaps Ellen will get a second chance with him? I’d like to think so, as she and Laurence fell out with love with each other, and then she was cheated by the irritating American man in the last series, so it would be nice for her to find someone to love who would love her back.

As I said at the beginning, yesterday’s episode was very good and I shall be eagerly watching as the rest of the series unfolds…


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