BBC Land Girls, series 3, episode 3

A very dramatic and rather dark episode this time around. To begin with, Esther met with a local woman known  for performing abortions. Finch saw the woman leaving and told Esther that he knows about her pregnancy, saying, “what she does isn’t safe, it’s butchery.” He sweetly offered to act as the baby’s father and look after Esther. Esther refused, gently reminding Finch that she still has a husband (in a P.O.W camp) and saying that she couldn’t bear the shame of having the baby as she’s “not 17 anymore. I won’t be forgiven.” Sadly, she decided to go through with the abortion, but collapsed in the kitchen at the end of the episode, which suggests that there were complications with the abortion…

Joyce’s husband John claimed to be able to remember details about how he landed in France. With Dr. Channing questioning him, he revealed that he’d been rescued by a woman working with the French Resistance. Joyce was immediately jealous and asked: “was she pretty?” to which John replied, “No”. However a hazy memory of him passionately kissing said French girl shows that he lied. Poor Joyce! It looks as if her marriage is rapidly falling to bits.

Connie and Henry’s relationship also looked as if it were in trouble when Connie caught ex-boyfriend Danny stealing from a shop and covered for him. Henry was angry, thinking that she still cared about her “man from London” and later broke of the engagement as he couldn’t forgive the fact that she lied to him. Thankfully, the pair were reconciled by the end of the episode, as Henry admitted that he too wasn’t perfect and thus couldn’t expect perfection from her. However, I sense that this won’t be the end of Connie and Henry’s troubles as Danny asked Connie to do one last robbery with him (the two of them used to be involved with gangs), and didn’t look best pleased when she refused to help him. I really wish that Danny would just bog off and leave Connie and Henry in peace to get married! Of course, we need drama to drive the plot forward, but as long as they get married by the end of the series, I’ll be happy, although I’m guessing they won’t.

Poor Iris has managed to get herself well and truly caught up in the middle of the Tucker-Storey feud and in this episode her lamb, Penny was stolen. Iris was heartbroken and she sobbed, “she’s the only thing I’ve ever been responsible for, and now I’ve let her down.” Frank Tucker was, of course, willing to help her look for the lamb and later realised that Iris was being targeted by the spiteful Storeys. Thus, Frank paid Walter Storey, and an agreement was made: if the Storeys promised to leave the girls alone and end the feud, then Frank would go to the police and take the blame for beating up Vernon. Frank brought Iris back to the barn, expecting the lamb to have been returned as promised, and it was, but cruelly, it had been killed first. And so the feud continues.

The sexual tension between Lady Hoxley and Dr. Channing increased this week. On noticing that he look exhausted, Ellen suggested that they have a break and so they went for a country drive. However, it ended in a heated argument and they parted ways. Later on, Dr Channing came into Ellen’s bedroom, kissed her, and the pair ended up in bed together. The smile was soon wiped off Ellen’s face in a surprising plot twist, as a local policeman came to tell her that Dr. Channing was suspected of collaborating with the Germans, which would mean that Ellen was, quite literally, sleeping with the enemy. Ouch. If so, then Dr. Channing’s interrogation of John’s experience in France takes on a whole new light: instead of helping him, he may instead have been prying for important details to feed back to the Nazis. The plot thickens…


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