BBC Land Girls, series 3, episode 4

Well, Land Girls is nothing if not dramatic! Where to start?

To begin with, Danny threatened to hurt Henry if Connie didn’t go along with his plans. He told her that she had to end things with Henry and run away with him after assisting with the petrol lorry robbery. Reluctantly, Connie agreed and broke off her engagement to Henry who was left utterly flummoxed at her sudden change of heart. Connie’s parting blow was “I need a real man.” Ouch. To add salt to the wound, Connie kissed Danny in front of Henry and walked off with him. The robbery didn’t go to plan, and Danny slapped Connie, but still demanded that she came with him, along with Martin who showed up to ‘help’.

Secondly, Joyce took John out to ‘their tree’, claiming it was her birthday. She described her last birthday to him, telling him about the Tiger Moth and how they made plans for after the war. She then confessed that it wasn’t actually her birthday, but she had just hoped that by talking about it John would remember her last birthday. He didn’t and in fact had a confession of his own , which he decided to disclose after he and Joyce had had a bit of hanky panky: he had cheated on Joyce with the French girl who rescued him. His defence was “I didn’t know who I was” but Joyce distraught and later gave him back her wedding ring, saying that she couldn’t be with him anymore. Is everything over between them? We should get the answer in the final episode…

Frank Tucker and Walter Storey got into a fight in the barn, leaving Walter unconscious. When Walter stumbled home , he told his dad that he’d fought Frank to make him proud. Veron cruelly told his son that he could never make him proud. Walter retorted, “Well maybe the new baby will make you proud.” In a fit of anger (he’d just been told by Esther that she’d had an abortion), Vernon smashed a bottle over Walter’s head, killing him. He then decided to use Walter’s death to his advantage, by planting the body in the barn and accusing Frank of killing him. Near the end of the episode, we saw Frank walking through the village to the police station – was he about to turn himself in? I hope not, as it’s Vernon who needs to be punished. Maybe someone should kill him… any volunteers?!

Throughout the episode, Lady Hoxley was starting to become suspicious of Dr. Channing, who in her eyes, was acting strangely, with unexplained absences and aggressive questioning of John about France. Finally she decided to search his bedroom and, to her dismay, discovered a notebook containing a code. Dun dun DUN! So is the doctor a Nazi collaborator after all? Or has he possibly been framed? OR is there a simple explanation for his odd behaviour? We shall see…



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