Why I’m Ditching ‘Glee’

When the U.S show Glee started in 2009, I was instantly a fan: it was all about a group of kids making their musical dreams come true. I liked the big musical numbers, the comedy and was firmly rooting for ‘Finchel’ and ‘Wemma’. So what went wrong? It seems that the more popular Glee got, the worse it got. We got more and more pointless ‘tribute’ episodes, more merely mediocre songs, superfluous guest stars and all the characters and plotlines began to grate on me.

What happened, for example, to Rachel Berry? She used to be the naïve outsider whom Finn fell for, as she was the girl with heart. As of season 3, she’s shallow and selfish with really no redeeming features besides her voice. I couldn’t believe that she demanded that Finn buy her monstrously expensive Christmas presents in a recent episode. First, Rachel is Jewish – is Christmas really such an important holiday for her? Secondly, she knew that Finn was low on funds and yet she still made selfish demands of him, which, bless him, he tried his best to accommodate. The ‘old’ Rachel would never have done that. It reminds me of the pregnant Quinn of season 1, constantly berating Finn for his lack of money and ordering him to get a job to pay for her doctor’s bills.

Also, what happened to Will Schuester? At the start of the show he was the sweet, idealistic teacher with big dreams. Now he’s just…weird. And hugely irritating. The final straw for me was Will asking the Glee kids to perform a spectacle of a proposal to Emma. It was dreadful. I was really hoping that he would realise that he didn’t need to make a literal song and dance out of his proposal and that simple and sincere and, most of all, private was best. But no, he went ahead with the ridiculous scheme. Emma still said yes. I may tune in for their wedding, as I’ve liked this couple throughout the show, but I dread a nauseating pantomime by the Glee kids at the ceremony. I shudder at the thought…

Most of the cast members are very talented and I expect that they will have bright futures after Glee. However, not even the vocally amazing Lea Michele or the lovely Darren Criss can persuade me to stick with this show any longer, which is a huge shame as it had so much potential and I liked it so much to begin with. Maybe I’ll prefer Smash?


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  1. Brooke
    Oct 10, 2012 @ 19:31:06

    Character changes and writing are reasons why I am not happy with Downton Abbey right now and stopped watching the US version of The Office. I hate it when TV programs make annoying and unnecessary changes to characters and the program. I am sorry that you became unhappy with a TV show you once enjoyed. Do you like Smash better than Glee?


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