BBC ‘The Paradise’ episode 3

This week’s episode of The Paradise opens with shop girl Denise finding a baby behind one of the screens in the ladieswear department. As you do. The foundling affects everyone at The Paradise. As the baby’s discovery hits the headlines, a collection box is set up in the shop to raise funds for the local foundling home, to which the baby will soon be sent. Pauline takes to the baby immediately, and spends most of her screen time this episode walking around the shop with him, showing him the “birds on the wallpaper” and the “pretty glass in the windows”. Miss Audrey soon gets fed up with her, and dumps the baby on Moray instead. Fair enough.

As shown by the trailer at the end of last week’s episode, Miss Audrey bans Denise from voicing any more of her Big Ideas. Denise struggles to conform to being a conventional Victorian young lady – seen and not heard. Miss Audrey clearly feels threatened by Denise – she reveals partway through the episode that she gave up all thoughts of marriage for her job. So now that someone younger and cleverer has come along, she can’t cope with the idea that she won’t be in the spotlight, the one receiving the praise from Moray. We also find out that Miss Audrey’s erstwhile suitor is none other than Denise’s uncle, Edmund Lovett! Who’d have thought it?!

(Sarah Lancashire as Miss Audrey.)

So, what does Denise do when Miss Audrey forbids her “ever to think again”? You guessed it – she has a Big Idea. But this time, she suggests it to Katherine who in turn tells Moray. And what is this Big Idea? Well, Denise  Katherine proposes that Moray open a children’s department. I, and Denise, evidently, expected Moray to be just as thrilled/overcome with lust by this Big Idea as he usually is. But no, he is furious, because apparently he had granted Denise “freedom to speak all of her Big Ideas” and voicing it through Katherine was “underhand and sneaky”. The pair later reconcile, when Denise finds Moray sitting on the shop stairs holding the foundling. As you do. He apologises for yelling at her and the two share a ‘moment’ when Denise reaches over to stroke the baby and Moray looks up at her which an expression which can only be interpreted as him vividly imagining Denise as the mother of his many future babies. It kind felt like a “ooh look how good we’d be as parents” moment. All in good time, all in good time…

(Emun Elliott as Moray.)

(Joanna Vanderham as Denise.)

Interestingly, Dudley tells Moray that there are rumours circulating that suggest that Moray is the father of the foundling. Moray replies that it is impossible, as he’s only had “one slip” and that was 18 months ago, so the baby can’t be his. We know that Moray had a minor dalliance with Clara a while back (before he met Future Mother of His Babies), but what we didn’t know is that Clara has a child!! She is paying for the upkeep of her daughter, Grace, in the foundling home, so the subject of the foundling baby is painful for her. Grace looks to be about 3/4 years old, so can’t possibly be the result of Moray’s “slip” 18 months ago. But does that definitely mean he’s not the father? If not, then who is? The plot thickens… Denise helps Clara to steal money from the Foundling Fund for her child and while Clara later tells Denise (when drunk) that she still hates her, Denise is undeterred and comforts Clara as she cries her heart out over her little girl. Is friendship beginning to blossom between them?

(Sonya Cassidy as Clara.)

Another major plotline this week involves Katherine. She decides to make Moray jealous, by giving attentions to Peter Adler (Mark Bonnar), who runs the foundling home. In order to impress him, Katherine goes all out in her support for the cause. She insists on buying all of the children new clothes and makes frequent comments about how adorable the children are and how heartbreaking it is that they have no real home etc etc. And it works: Peter Adler falls for Katherine and asks permission to court her. Katherine nobly tells Moray of Adler’s intentions and that his overtures are not unwelcome, but Moray doesn’t even bat an eyelid. I don’t think he even noticed Katherine’s behaviour – he was too wrapped up in the foundling and FMOHB. Moray declares that he is happy for Katherine and wishes her well. I don’t think Lord Glendenning will take the news quite so well… I hope Katherine and Adler get married – they have much better chemistry than Katherine ever had with Moray, and of course, if they do, then that will leave the way clear for Moray to woo FMOHB. Or would that be too easy? Tune in next week to find out…

(Elaine Cassidy as Katherine.)

Side note: BBC’s The Hour is due to air its second series soon, so stay tuned for that shortly!

(All photos ©BBC 2012.)


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  1. Brooke
    Oct 12, 2012 @ 20:12:23

    How in the world is Denise going to keep telling Moray about her ideas without Miss Audrey finding out that she has been sharing them? Will he hear Miss Audrey telling her off when she gets suspicious and step in?
    I am wondering what’s wrong with Miss Audrey in the preview for episode four. At first I thought it was a very tight corset, but from what I read, it’s a health condition.


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