BBC ‘The Paradise’ episode 6

The theme of this week’s episode of The Paradise is LOVE. First, we have Pauline wanting to run the new lovebird counter in the shop and secondly we have the latest development in the Denise-Moray-Katherine love triangle.

Pauline’s plotline is minor, so I’ll just mention it briefly. Moray orders a shipment of lovebirds for the shop and allows eager Pauline to run the new bird counter. She and Dudley get quite fond of them, and Pauline even names a pair of them Bertie and Sally. So, poor Pauline is distraught when she accidentally lets Sally escape from the shop. Thankfully, Sam is on hand to help her get the bird back.

(Ruby Bentall as Pauline.)

There is also more drama regarding Jonas. It seems to be common knowledge that Jonas played a major part in Bradley Burroughs’ disappearance. Young Arthur is scared stiff of him, and Jonas tries to buy his confidence with a new pair of boots. Edmund Lovett publically vocalises his opinion on Jonas’ antics and when Jonas pays his shop a visit early in the morning, Lovett punches Jonas in the face – a move he instantly regrets.

Alrighty, let’s move on to the meatiest part of this week’s episode – the love triangle. Plenty of angst all round. Early in the episode, Miss Audrey notices Denise looking down in the dumps and decides to have a little heart to heart with her. She quickly guesses that the cause of Denise’s low spirits is love. She also correctly guesses that the man in question is Moray. Miss Audrey is surprisingly sympathetic – probably remembering how she struggled to make the choice between love and her career years ago. She tells Denise that, as long as her relationship with Moray remains completely professional, then Moray’s favour will ensure great advancement in her career. But, according to Miss A (oh fount of all knowledge), one kiss will destroy Denise’s ambition and she’ll send up as “a Clara”. Ouch. Miss A’s solution? Complete self-denial. Easier said than done.

(Sarah Lancashire as Miss Audrey and Sonya Cassidy as Clara.)

So what does Denise do? The total opposite. She tells Moray (or John as he orders her to call him. It sounds weird, as if he shouldn’t have a Christian name at all, and was just born Moray. I digress…) that she loves him. and then she kisses him. And he kisses her back, quite enthusiastically, before they are interrupted by a knock on the door. But, due to some encouragement on the part of Lord Glendenning, Moray and Katherine then announce their engagement. Katherine is thrilled. Denise, not so much. Poor Denise then quits her job at The Paradise and moves in with her uncle. Within a few seconds of stepping over the threshold, she is already forming Big Ideas (as only she can!) which will rival The Paradise. I look forward to seeing how Denise makes her uncle’s shop compete with The Paradise. If that’s not a finger up at Moray then I don’t know what is!

(Emun Elliott as Moray and Joanna Vanderham as Denise.)

(Matthew McNulty as Dudley, Elaine Cassidy as Katherine and Emun Elliott as Moray.)

Apparently, The Paradise has just been renewed for a second season, which makes me wonder how much will be resolved at the end of this one. We shall see…. Until next time folks!

(All photos ©BBC 2012.)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brooke
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 07:58:03

    I cannot understand how he can continue giving Katherine what she wants. He will go mad if he marries her. Moray must do something soon! Denise’s heart is breaking every day. How on earth can he continue on with his life when he sees the pain and hurt on her face? The young woman has lost sleep and moments of her life from her suffering.Denise was so brave to tell him how she felt and show him. She allowed him to feel the tenderness and true love from a woman who took a big risk. I am sure Katherine can easily find someone who is more suitable for her. She probably has men falling at her feet.
    If there is not at least some hand holding and smiling between the two at the end of the last episode, I will be a little irritated. I don’t care if it will be cheesy between “Morice.” My rant is done now. 🙂


  2. Brooke
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 08:01:29

    Perhaps if they marry, they can go to Paris for their wedding trip and we’ll see them run into Charles Worth.


  3. Brooke
    Nov 04, 2012 @ 05:54:39

    Oops. I meant “Morise.”


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