BBC ‘The Paradise’ episode 7

This week’s episode of The Paradise is centred around the increasingly annoying Katherine Glendenning (Elaine Cassidy). She prepares for her impending nuptials by buying practically everything in The Paradise, which, unsurprisingly, creates a buzz in the shop. She then picks out a dark blue fabric, aptly named ‘Midnight Ink’, and loudly declares that she will use the cloth for her wedding dress as sign of respect/mourning for the first Mrs. Moray. Who ever heard of a navy blue wedding dress?! Not Katherine, apparently, as she later to confides to Miss Audrey that it is just a rouse, and that she’s actually having a white gown made up elsewhere. Miss Audrey is less than pleased. When Katherine comes into the shop to be fitted for her dress, spiteful Clara wastes no time in dropping hints to Miss Glendenning about how “fond” Moray is of the female staff, and how he takes the time to really get to know them “individually”. Katherine refuses to take the bait, but have the seeds of doubt been sown?

(Joanna Vanderham as Denise, in her new turquoise frock.)

And where does Denise fit into this? Well, as usual, she is full of Big Ideas, and she even has a new turquoise frock to show that she means business. She manages to convince other local shop owners (including a Mr Chisholm, playing by David Bamber) to join her in her latest venture: selling ensembles – a customer can buy a complete outfit with different components coming from the small shops on the street. It’s a good idea, for a while… When Denise finds out that ‘Midnight Ink’ is causing such a big stir at The Paradise she decides to buy up the remaining stock from the supplier and sell it outside her uncle’s shop, to entice the local ladies who are desperate to imitate Katherine Glendenning. Sneaky! Katherine is furious when she finds out, and can’t understand why Moray doesn’t force Denise to stop selling the fabric. As if!

(Emun Elliott as Moray and Joanna Vanderham as Denise.)

Moray and Denise share several nice moments this week. At one point, they go for a private country walk, and Moray finally explains the circumstances of his wife’s death. At last! It seems that Mrs Moray loved her husband deeply, but he was too far enamoured with The Paradise to reciprocate her feelings properly. Mrs Moray was heartbroken, and after an argument with Moray in the store, she ran from him and fell to her death. Except Moray isn’t sure that she did fall. He is racked with guilt, believing that he may have caused her to take her own life in despair. Regarding the Moray-Katherine-Denise love triangle, I think Moray is trying to love Katherine, but can’t. But, he doesn’t want to hurt her, so hasn’t the nerve to break off their engagement. I think Moray, seeing how Katherine is (to use her father’s word for it) obsessed with him, is terrified that if he lets Katherine see that he can’t love her as she loves him, the outcome will be as tragic as it was for his wife. However, Moray is aware of his feelings for Denise and is now equally aware of hers for him. Also, I think Katherine senses that Moray doesn’t quite return her feelings so is desperately trying rectify the situation by smothering him with affection. The best way forward, in my opinion, would be for Moray to break things off as gently as he can with Katherine (praying that she doesn’t respond by doing something drastic) and then begin courting Denise properly. Denise is much better suited to him: their interests and temperaments match and she understands him far better than Katherine does.

(Denise and Moray.)

Next week will be the final episode of the series.

Will the mystery surrounding Jonas and Bradley Burroughs be resolved?

Will Moray take the cowardly route and go through with his wedding to Katherine, or will he honour his feeling for Denise and do the right thing?

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

P.S: Good news – The Hour series is back on November 14th!

All photos ©BBC 2012.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brooke
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 22:53:22

    ***NOTE: this contains spoilers for episode eight.
    That was bad that she made the part of choosing the garment our of respect for Helene.
    My favorite moments:
    Moray walks ups up to Denise when she is painting and teases about the paint on her face. Hehe.
    After the co-operative fails, Denise loses it in front of Moray, he watches the mannequin fall then helps her to cheer up. “Your sales have made me look it.”
    The entire countryside scene. It’s about time they weren’t like Lego people restricted to a certain little area to see each other. They have to be in close proximity to each other and something different was done.
    Moray’s face after seeing that Denise was selling Midnight Ink while Katherine is upset. Now I want her version of Don’t Tell The Bride.
    Denise having her little Cinderella moment when she got a new dress. The pattern was odd and maybe the top layer of the dress and the printed part could be better on their own, but the blue shade looks beautiful on her.

    Katherine was fortunate that the painting of Helene didn’t fall down on her.
    I love that Denise and Moray each show up at the right time. She showed up when he was in his office in low spirits and helped him to feel better. 🙂 When she was upset over the demise of the co-operative, he showed up right after it happened and she had someone who understands and to talk to and listen to her.

    P.S. I had a feeling that the barber would be found in a river or some type of body of water. I am assuming that the police will be knocking on The Paradise door at night the early hours of the morning. Eponinelle, do you sense all the doors in the rooms people sleep to be locked now that there’s a murderer around? I think Pauline will be paranoid now.
    I am dreading the end of episode eight. I don’t want to wonder if Morise will hook up or not.


  2. Brooke
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 07:34:18

    I am one of those fans who will shed a tear if Denise is left hopeless and sad in episode eight.
    You might hear me screaming NO!!!! from the other side of the world if he left only as a man pining for Denise—married or single. I am kidding on the screaming. I might end up starting a venting group on Facebook if Denise doesn’t get her man with all curse words welcome. Hehe.


  3. Lois
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 19:15:25

    best thing would be for Moray to marry Katherine and let Jonas deal with her, so he’s free for Denise! Moray is up to his eyes in ‘debt’ of financial and favour kinds to Katherine’s father, were Moray to break it off, her father would ruin him. Anyway, back in those days, people could sue you if you broke off an engagement – so that’s not going to happen!

    We know from the trailers that Denise goes back to work at the paradise, I think it will requited, but forbidden love and Katherine will know about and have to accept it, if she wants to keep Moray.

    Shame it’s over so quickly, i’d have preferred lots of episodes that bring the story to a conclusion and then buy the complete DVD. I fear it will lose it’s magic, as did Downton Abbey, with repeating series once a year.

    Oh, and that whispering voice of Moray’s – is just too much!!!:)


    • Brooke
      Nov 13, 2012 @ 02:11:33

      That’s a great idea, Lois to have him marry her and have Jonas deal with her. I would hate to see Moray sued if the engagement was broken off.
      If Denise seems depressed in episode eight and Moray fails to see it and understand it, I will not be a happy fan. It appears that he might have missed the idea that she left his store because of her involvement with him.
      I have a feeling that Katherine will get more agitated with Denise after she learns of the growing love between Denise and Moray. I hope it won’t lead to screaming and doing whatever it takes to get Denise fired. Then Denise will turn into My Gloomy and Nervous Little Champion.
      I am afraid it will lose it’s magic too. Hopefully they will end on a high note and won’t drag it on for too long.


      • huma
        Nov 30, 2012 @ 15:56:18

        I am enjoying all your comments, because you seem to have as much obsession with this drama as I have.
        Your fave moments are mine too.
        However I think he is aware that she left the Paradise because of her involvement with him- because she explained it at end of Ep 6- but he does not want to let Dudley know that he (Moray) is emotionally involved with Denise- He is “trying to deny it”. I think his thoughts could have been made a little clearer though.

        What do you think? (as M is always asking D )

  4. Dagny Taggart
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 02:37:06


    Am I the only person who thought this drama was lightweight, cliched and a bit cheesy at times? It also felt historically inaccurate, such as the interactions between individuals within the hierarchy of the shop, the way they spoke (slang / modern language) and expected behaviour of “young ladies”, especially Clara who would have been ostracised and made an outcast if she had gone around getting drunk, pregnant and prepositioning her boss. The amount of freedom all the women in the series seem to have would also be unlikely in a traditional patriarchal society.

    It seemed like the researchers couldn’t be bothered to do any research so we ended up with a mix of period and modern day.

    Moray’s character is really confusing too. He’s the hero of the piece but is dastardly enough to lead Katherine on for what appears to be nothing more than financial motives. The most caring and considerate man in this whole series seems to be Katherine’s father, rather than Moray. I don’t think Moray would even come second to be honest with other contenders such as Sam, Denise’s uncle and Dudley. Moray’s strange obsession with his ex-wife is also never really explained.

    The BBC usually make such hard-hitting and thought provoking period dramas (e.g. Garrow’s Law) but this effort was more like a light-hearted soap opera. I can’t believe they axed Garrow’s Law but spent money on this.

    The only times it came close to delivering or developing a punchy storyline was with the possibility that Moray had murdered his ex-wife and Jonas’s murder of the Barber guy, but both of those storylines fizzled out without trace.

    Anyone else disappointed with the all too predictable ending?


  5. Sarah
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 16:16:21

    I loved the series and can’t wait for series two. The characters are well crafted, multidimensional and wonderfully played by a competent cast. Loved Denise and Moray’s chemistry and how their romance was built.
    Great job by BBC. The ending was perfect and fitting and plenty of drama left to be explored in series 2. I hope Jonas will return.


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