BBC ‘The Paradise’ episode 8

Okey dokey folkies, I apologise for the delay in getting this review up – I just didn’t have time to write it last night.

I decided to have a quick flick through Tumblr to see what people thought of The Paradise’s final episode. This is the main reaction I found: “OMG! My feels! asdfghjkljhgfdsa I. Can’t. Even.” So what exactly happened to create such a response? Well…

(Elaine Cassidy as Katherine and Joanna Vanderham as Denise.)

So, this week sees the Big Showdown between Denise and Katherine. Who does Moray choose?! Dun dun DUN! Katherine and Lord Glendenning ensure that the choice isn’t easy. When Moray and Denise are planning their Happily Ever After only 20 minutes into the episode, you know it’s not going to be plain sailing. Lord G. puts a spanner in the works when he tells Moray that he now owns the whole street, including The Paradise itself. Moray is greatly dismayed at this revelation, but Lord G. says that it hardly matters whose name the paperwork is in seeing as Moray will “soon be family”. The implication is that if Moray doesn’t marry Katherine, then Lord G. will destroy The Paradise. Ah… Katherine has finally realised where Moray’s affection lies and decides to confront Denise. Katherine says that if Denise marries Moray, then she, as the daughter of the man who now legally owns The Paradise, will ensure that Moray is ruined and that Mr Lovett is swiftly evicted from his property. Ouch. This leaves both Moray and Denise with an agonising decision to make. Will they risk everything for love? The writers keep us guessing until the last few minutes. We see young Arthur standing proudly outside The Paradise in his groomsman outfit, we see Katherine dressed in a bridal gown, walking downstairs, bouquet in hand, on the arm of her father… THEN, we see Moray suddenly run desperately through the shop, only stopping when he spies Denise in the courtyard. He walks up to her and kisses her. Just like that. They both smile. The end. 🙂

(Joanna Vanderham as Denise and Emun Elliott as Moray.)

Obviously, this ending leaves a rather large cliffhanger. Has Katherine just been abandoned at the altar? How will she and her father get revenge? Will Moray lose The Paradise? Of course, now we’ll have to wait until the next series for the answers. I was pleasantly surprised that Moray chose Denise over his beloved shop. I thought for an awful moment that he would marry Katherine in order to save The Paradise and then have to spend the majority of series 2 grovelling to Denise for her forgiveness. That he was able to put his love for a woman before his love for his business shows how much his character has grown and matured throughout the series. The Moray of episode 1 would never have done that.

Elsewhere in the episode, we have the Bradley Burroughs mystery coming to a head when his body is found in a river. This leads to Jonas being dismissed by Dudley. Did anyone else think that Jonas was going to throw himself off that bridge near the end? I’m glad he didn’t. I can’t help feeling sorry for him.

Also, Edmund Lovett and Miss Audrey are finally reunited! In a very sweet scene, Miss Audrey confesses that she is afraid of love. I think, judging by her kiss with Edmund, she may be able to overcome this fear at long last!

(Sarah Lancashire as Miss Audrey.)

So, what do I think will happen in the next series?

– Denise and Moray will have to face the world & the Glendennings and try to save The Paradise. I predict angsty struggles ahead.

– Crazy Katherine will plot her revenge. Mwahahahaha!

– Pauline will dither over whether she wants Sam or not and make more hapless attempts to win his attention.

Can’t wait!

Overall, I have really enjoyed watching The Paradise. Yes, it is very fluffy. Yes, Emun Elliott needs to learn that a seductive tone of voice doesn’t necessarily mean whispering. But, for light, uncomplicated viewing, with pretty costumes to drool over, it does the trick. I look forward to series 2.

I have just started to read the book on which The Paradise is (very loosely) based: Au Bonheur des Dames or The Ladies Paradise by Emile Zola. I plan to review it when I’ve finished it. I’m interested to see how far the book and TV series are comparable. So far (roughly 100 pages in), they are rather different already…

(All photos ©BBC 2012.)


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lu
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 01:35:39

    Have just found your blogs of The Paradise and read all of them in one go! I was so sad to see the series end – it’s going to drive me mad waiting for this time next year to find out how everyone will react and what will become of them once the Glendennings find out. I’m looking forward to some major angst.

    When you wrote that if Moray had married Katherine, that he’d have to grovel for Denise’s forgiveness, I think, while she would very much be broken-hearted, that she wouldn’t hate him. After all, it was actually her who told him to marry Katherine to save the business and the people who worked in the street, after he’d actually said that he’d run away with her and start again. I was so proud of him for saying that. You’re right – he’s grown so much. Miss Audrey put the final nail in the coffin for him and Katherine when she spoke to him of regrets, although I’m sure him running into Denise’s arm wasn’t what she’d meant XD

    Well, they can’t even keep it secret for a bit considering he just kissed her in front of those who were about in the courtyard, so I wonder how many people will know before they announce it themselves! People love to gossip. I think Edmund will be furious as first, because of the threat to his shop and livelihood, but I’m hoping Lord Glendenning will be more sympathetic to him than Katherine, because it wasn’t even his fault and he had nothing to do with it . Speaking of Edmund – him and Miss Audrey! Bless. That wa so sweet. They deserve it.

    Sorry, I appear to have written a small essay! What I’ll finish with is – was I the only one wanting to hear Moray say ‘I love you’? Clearly he does, considering the sacrifice he is willing to make, and she knows he does, but the romantic in me still wanted to hear it :p Next time, hopefully!

    Looking forward to more of your blogs 🙂


    • huma
      Nov 30, 2012 @ 15:30:12

      Like you Lu I REALLY REALLY wanted to hear it, and I ( being said enraptured target audience) have watched and rewatched the series ( I wonder if this helps improve the viewing figures) but I cannot hear what Laura Vinci is referring to. Maybe it can be improved on the DVD.
      As actors can somebody also explain Denise’s wide eyed look of horror as Moray is explaining himself on the bridge? Initially she is surprised at his words “I cannot marry Katherine”- fair enough! But then as he continues she appears horrified ? Her next look is one of a smiling, tender acknowledgement of the truth. I am traumatised by that second expression and so desperately wanted that scene to be perfect- please help?


  2. Brooke
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 23:25:05

    One of my favorite scenes is when Clara, Denise, and Pauline are talking about guys and right after Pauline mentions Arthur, he comes in. I was honestly surprised by Moray’s note to Denise.
    Miss Glendenning has become scary! What would her mother think? Someone mentioned that Katherine’s mother might be in an institute for a psychological condition.
    For a while I was dreading that Katherine’s confrontation with Denise would include screaming. That must have been scary to listen to Katherine tell her that she will suffer for continuing a relationship with Moray. Unfortunately, this won’t die any soon. Katherine will do what she feels is right to John and Denise.
    Another scary thing was when she told Moray that he is hers and they are one now. Whoa! They haven’t made it to the altar yet and she already believes that.
    As for the ending, I think what he said about putting his store above his late wife has something to do with his decision at the end and he doesn’t want a repeat now that he is in love with Denise. I could be wrong.
    The search for Denise was lovely and despite needed improvements, I enjoyed it. He said more than once that he cannot marry Miss Glendenning, so I am going to believe him.
    As for Katherine’s dress, it did not look like something a girl from the aristocracy would wear to the day she was fighting for.
    I agree with you on Emun’s whisper, even though I like to hear it. Hopefully, we will see variety in seductive tone of voice. As a man who has experience with women, it’s essential to expand on that.


  3. Laura Vinci
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 21:15:33

    Very funny blog bubble ! Looking forward to reading your posts on the Hour!
    @Lu : Moray did say I love you, I love you twice near the end of the bridge scene in Episode 8 . I’ll let you have a look/listen yourself. They didn’t subtitle it but it’s there .


    • Lu
      Nov 21, 2012 @ 04:24:15

      I must have really bad hearing or something because I’ve watched that scene over and over with the volume right up and I can’t hear him say it! 😦 How strange!


  4. Laura Vinci
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 20:19:24

    ask an actor to watch it with you. They will be able to point it out. .Hes saying it in her ear, she’s the one we see on camera, her reaction.


    • Lu
      Nov 21, 2012 @ 22:34:39

      I am an actor, lol XD Even my friend, who is also an actor, can’t hear it, neither can my husband. All we can hear is a breath, like a sigh of relief – I did look specifically at Densie for some sort of reaction to him saying it in case it was whispered so low we couldn’t hear it, bit nothing in her face suggested to us that he’d said it. She looked happy, of course, but no happier than she had seconds before. If it was part of the script, it would have been made audible, or more so – if a character is going to whisper, we still hear it. None of us heard anything at all. I guess many might not have, and it seems weird that a line like that, when it’s being said for the first time, would be practically silent. I know it’s not important for everyone to hear him say it, but going on target audience and the type of programme it is, there’s probably a lot of people who would have loved to hear it. Ah, well, thanks for your help, anyway 🙂


    • Lu
      Nov 21, 2012 @ 22:54:37

      Actually, when I said ‘sigh of relief’, it’s more the sound of breath being caught – we all know making a big decision, realising love, etc, can leave a person breathless without having run a marathon, that’s all we got from both of them, I’m afraid. Guess I’ll just have to wait for the next series!


  5. huma
    Nov 30, 2012 @ 16:15:48

    Love your site.
    Like Lu I have just found it and read every blog straight off. Some very funny bits especially your description of the way Moray looks at Denise whilst holding the baby! did not want to laugh as I love that scene- but FMOHB!!- Hahaha


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