BBC ‘The Hour’, series 2 episode 2

Sorry that this review has been a while coming.

Anyway, episode 2 of The Hour begins with Hector being arrested for supposedly assaulting Kiki Delaine. Hector swears he’s innocent, but Marnie says she’s not sure she believes him. Luckily for Hector, he is soon released. Marnie, however, does not welcome him back with open arms. Instead, she tells him that she intends for them to go their separate ways from now on, with regards to their private lives, whilst maintaining a public facade of marital harmony. Marnie is finally asserting her independence. She even auditions, successfully, for a cookery television show. I’m glad that Marnie has decided to live her own life, and not let Hector walk all over her anymore. I look forward to seeing how Hector reacts to the news of his wife’s new career.

(Dominic West as Hector Madden.)

Elsewhere, Freddie’s new wife, Camille, is upset when a yobbish teenage boy throws soot in her face for associating with a black man (Sey Ola, Cissy’s boyfriend).  Freddie tries to comfort her, but she says that she hates Britain and wants to go back to France. Later, she and Freddie get into a blazing row, and Camille accuses him of loving ‘The Hour’ more than he love her. Although Freddie insists to Bel that all is well in Paradise, I can’t help thinking that an irrevocable wedge is being driven between husband and wife. Will they weather the storm? It probably doesn’t help that Freddie’s solution to the soot-throwing issue is to invite both the boy, Trevor (who harbours some rather fascist opinions), and Sey Ola onto the set of ‘The Hour’ to discuss their views on immigration and race. Randall is scandalised. What! A fascist appearing on a BBC programme? AND, in front of members of the board? Surely not! However Freddie, being Freddie, manages to pull it off. When Bel and Freddie are discussing Freddie’s marriage later on, Bel says to him, “I wish you had consulted me before doing such a stu-…such a stu-…wonderful thing.” Freddie just looks at her hard and says, “And what would you have done?” He then walks away. Has Bel really missed her chance? Will she a pursue, instead, a relationship with Bill Kendall (who she discovers, via Lix, is a widower)?

Freddie and Bel work together in an attempt to find out the truth about Kiki. Who hit her? How did she end up posing for nude photographs? The first question is answered when we discover that she has a lover who is high up in the police force (if someone could please clarify for me who exactly the man is, his name at least, then that would be great!) It seems that this man does not like sharing Kiki with other men, and is less than pleased to learn of the existence of the nude photos. I predict more trouble for Kiki very soon. I only hope that Bel and Freddie can solve the mysteries surrounding her and her past before she gets hurt again. Or worse.

A final note on Hector: I can’t help feeling sorry for him. Sure, he can be an arrogant whatsit who expects everything in life to fall perfectly into place for him. Sure, he’s been a rubbish husband to Marnie. Still, it was sad watching him witness his life crumbling before his eyes. Freddie’s taking his job, Marnie has all but left him, he’s an alcoholic… I hope that his friends can rally together to help him get back on his feet, or I fear there’ll be a sad ending for Hector.

Another very enjoyable episode. Whishaw, Garai and West (as well as the rest of the cast) continue to impress, and I look forward to seeing how the various plotlines develop further.

(All photos ©BBC 2012.)


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