BBC ‘The Paradise’ episode 7

This week’s episode of The Paradise is centred around the increasingly annoying Katherine Glendenning (Elaine Cassidy). She prepares for her impending nuptials by buying practically everything in The Paradise, which, unsurprisingly, creates a buzz in the shop. She then picks out a dark blue fabric, aptly named ‘Midnight Ink’, and loudly declares that she will use the cloth for her wedding dress as sign of respect/mourning for the first Mrs. Moray. Who ever heard of a navy blue wedding dress?! Not Katherine, apparently, as she later to confides to Miss Audrey that it is just a rouse, and that she’s actually having a white gown made up elsewhere. Miss Audrey is less than pleased. When Katherine comes into the shop to be fitted for her dress, spiteful Clara wastes no time in dropping hints to Miss Glendenning about how “fond” Moray is of the female staff, and how he takes the time to really get to know them “individually”. Katherine refuses to take the bait, but have the seeds of doubt been sown?

(Joanna Vanderham as Denise, in her new turquoise frock.)

And where does Denise fit into this? Well, as usual, she is full of Big Ideas, and she even has a new turquoise frock to show that she means business. She manages to convince other local shop owners (including a Mr Chisholm, playing by David Bamber) to join her in her latest venture: selling ensembles – a customer can buy a complete outfit with different components coming from the small shops on the street. It’s a good idea, for a while… When Denise finds out that ‘Midnight Ink’ is causing such a big stir at The Paradise she decides to buy up the remaining stock from the supplier and sell it outside her uncle’s shop, to entice the local ladies who are desperate to imitate Katherine Glendenning. Sneaky! Katherine is furious when she finds out, and can’t understand why Moray doesn’t force Denise to stop selling the fabric. As if!

(Emun Elliott as Moray and Joanna Vanderham as Denise.)

Moray and Denise share several nice moments this week. At one point, they go for a private country walk, and Moray finally explains the circumstances of his wife’s death. At last! It seems that Mrs Moray loved her husband deeply, but he was too far enamoured with The Paradise to reciprocate her feelings properly. Mrs Moray was heartbroken, and after an argument with Moray in the store, she ran from him and fell to her death. Except Moray isn’t sure that she did fall. He is racked with guilt, believing that he may have caused her to take her own life in despair. Regarding the Moray-Katherine-Denise love triangle, I think Moray is trying to love Katherine, but can’t. But, he doesn’t want to hurt her, so hasn’t the nerve to break off their engagement. I think Moray, seeing how Katherine is (to use her father’s word for it) obsessed with him, is terrified that if he lets Katherine see that he can’t love her as she loves him, the outcome will be as tragic as it was for his wife. However, Moray is aware of his feelings for Denise and is now equally aware of hers for him. Also, I think Katherine senses that Moray doesn’t quite return her feelings so is desperately trying rectify the situation by smothering him with affection. The best way forward, in my opinion, would be for Moray to break things off as gently as he can with Katherine (praying that she doesn’t respond by doing something drastic) and then begin courting Denise properly. Denise is much better suited to him: their interests and temperaments match and she understands him far better than Katherine does.

(Denise and Moray.)

Next week will be the final episode of the series.

Will the mystery surrounding Jonas and Bradley Burroughs be resolved?

Will Moray take the cowardly route and go through with his wedding to Katherine, or will he honour his feeling for Denise and do the right thing?

I can’t wait for next week’s episode!

P.S: Good news – The Hour series is back on November 14th!

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