BBC Land Girls, series 3, episode 5

Well, the final episode of Land Girls certainly didn’t disappoint. The episode opened with Walter Storey’s funeral. Vernon Storey make a fake tribute to his son, saying how much he loved him etc etc and how Frank Tucker should be punished for his death. As Iris had seen Walter leaving the barn alive, she decided to investigate, to clear Frank’s name. She snuck into Vernon’s house and came across some bloodied shards of glass and put two and two together. Unluckily for her, Vernon caught her red-handed. They got in a struggle, and Vernon nearly strangled her. Thankfully, she managed to knock the phone off the table, meaning that the operator heard Vernon talking about killing Walter. Iris managed to break free and as she wielded a poker, Veron backed off but swore that he’d be “back to get her.” I sincerely hope that never happens.

Joyce’s husband decided to discharge himself from the hospital and report for duty at an RAF base. He asked Joyce to come with him, and she agreed. John was told that he was unfit for duty. But, on seeing a Lancaster bomber on the airfield, he finally remembered what happened on the night he crashed in France. He remembered trying to send a message to Joyce before the plane crashed and he said to her, “I remember loving you and I will wait for you as you waited for me.” Joyce wasn’t sure if they could make the relationship work, but at the end of the episode, she and John decided to make a clean start together – yay!

Connie’s angst continued in this episode. Danny was still resolved to run away, and was just biding his time for the right moment to leave. A man turned up at the farm looking for Connie, who seemed to have a score to settle with her and Danny. The man, with his henchmen, cornered them before they could do a runner, and a gunfight ensued. In the end, Danny was dragged off by the henchmen (serves him right) and Connie was rescued by the ever-faithful Henry. And they finally got married – yay x2! It seems that becoming Mrs. Jameson didn’t instantly make her more demure, as the first thing she wanted to do at the end of the service was her “marital duty”!

Lady Hoxley discovered that a man working at the hospital, Mr. Harper, was the one sending messages to the nazis, when she found him doing so in the stables at Hoxley Manor. As she had then ‘seen too much’, Harper made to slash her throat with a razor blade. However, before he could do so, he was shot in the back by Dr. Channing. It then seemed that the mystery had been solved and Lady Hoxley had her man. Or not. At the very end of the episode, Dr. Channing was approached by a man on a bicycle. Channing said to him, “we’ve lost Harper, from now on, talk to me.” So it turns out that Lady Hoxley’s fancy man was a nazi collaborator after all. Bugger. Well, at least it leaves a plotline open for another series…

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this series, it had lots of twist and turns in the plot and it was very well acted. My favourite character continues to be the feisty Connie, and I hope that, if there is another series next year, then Connie will still be in it. I think there is still a lot of scope for her character, it would be especially interesting to see how she fares as a vicar’s wife! Here’s hoping for a new series of Land Girls next autumn…


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  1. Judy
    May 25, 2012 @ 23:44:27

    The Land Girls are absolutely the most entertaining series of movies I have ever watch. I truly love all BBC movies. They can not publish series 4 soon enough for me. Enjoy watching each character in all the series. They all play their roles perfectly. I reckon my very favorite Lady Hoxley, and Finch. Love him. Judy


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